2019 Annual meeting

In 2019, at the Annual Meeting, new Board officers were chosen for 2020 to 2022. Carl Carmichael, Past Board Chair, was elected to the Chairman’s position, starting Jan. 1, 2020. Also elected were Judy Eicher as Vice-Chair, Maia Rose as Treasurer and Kenneth Ingram stayed on as Secretary. The Executive Team is rounded out with Rabbi Larry Moldo as Past-Chair.


Also at the Annual Meeting the Board:
  • Had a great Annual Meeting in Casper, focusing on mental health issues in Wyoming

  • Approved hiring an Executive Director, when the right one is found

  • Approved or updated resolutions for the three Interfaith teams

  • Adopted the proposed budget for 2020, including a budget item for an Executive Director

  • Adopted a social media proposal for WIN

WIN Board plans for 2020 include:
  • Hiring an Executive Director

  • Continuing to monitor and lobby the legislature

  • Developing an “I want to be a member” page on the website

  • The Executive Committee will create a realistic job description for an Executive Director at its September monthly meeting, for presentation to the Board.

  • Holding a Board retreat

  • Scheduling a time and place to meet with the Northern Arapaho on the Reservation, this is a priority for the Board, we have a blanket invitation to come and explore life on the Reservation

  • Partnering with the Governor’s wife’s Childhood Hunger Program, joined the National Interfaith    Alliance, joined the Colorado Interfaith Alliance

  • Will work more for issues with the Equality State Policy Center, we are a member

  • Will be in contact more with the Wyoming Non-Profit organization, we are a member

  • Will institute a fee schedule for individuals and faith communities to help the budget

I and the Board will work to bring in more faith communities as members, and work with them to determine their needs and missions and where we can help, and in coordination with a new social media policy, more individual members as well. All three teams, Spiritual Life, On Sacred Ground and Peace and Justice have new resolutions to work on. 

Click here for the minutes for the 2019 annual meeting.