History and Focus

We believe that justice matters and that we are called by our sense of the sacred to not be afraid and be bold in living out the commandment to love others, which includes all of God's creation.

What the Wyoming Interfaith Network does:

  • Challenges Wyoming's faith communities to champion justice
  • Puts faith into action
  • Provides a voice for the voiceless with Wyoming's decision-makers
  • Builds understanding and allies with Wyoming's Native Americans
  • Puts equality back into the Equality State for all
  • Welcomes the stranger, for we were once strangers
  • Promotes respectful dialogue and understanding with those whom we disagree
  • Gathers people of faith together for the common good
  • Advocates good stewardship of God's creation


We are not new; we started in 1976. The Wyoming Association of Churches was founded in 1976. The work of the association was led by 3 teams: Spiritual Life, Peace & Justice and Sacred Ground. All the positions taken by the association were based on resolutions adopted by consensus by the membership at the annual meeting. At its annual meeting in 2012 the Association voted unanimously to become interfaith as opposed to being only ecumenical in order to become more inclusive with other faiths . . Ecumenical means within this context, "representing the whole of a body of churches." Interfaith means "involving those of different religious faiths." Therefore, we are moving from just being Christians toward being Christians, Jews, Muslims, Native American faiths, Unitarians, Buddhists, Mormons ... , anyone of faith who seeks justice, loves mercy and is humbled by our Creator.


Highlights of what we have done in Wyoming: 

  • Got the Women & Infant Care (WIC) Program brought to Wyoming
  • Got "life without parole" as an alternative to the death penalty
  • Got chaplaincy programs started in Wyoming's prisons
  • Educated clergy on how to support victims of domestic violence
  • Got funding for a nursery at the women's prison
  • Helped to eliminate the sales tax on food in Wyoming
  • Opposed expansion of gambling in Wyoming
  • Sponsored Red Desert tours of the Desert with the intent of raising awareness of the uniqueness and fragility of the Red Desert
  • Promoted Martin Luther King Day being honored in Wyoming
  • Supported Medicaid expansion for low income adults in Wyoming
  • Promoted respectful conversations about controversial topics
  • Proposes intentional listening and learning alongside Native Americans, exploring how we can stand in solidarity with our Native American neighbors
  • Got anti-trafficking legislation in Wyoming with International Justice Mission
  • Promoted immigration reform and welcoming refugees
  • Supports ending discrimination against the LGBTQ community, and any discrimination based on sexual orientation
  • Supported repeal of Wyoming's death penalty
  • Reversed a prohibition on Second Generation Science Standards for our schools
  • Created cultural competency mission opportunities on the Wind River Reservation
  • Supported Pope Francis's statement on global warming's impact on the poor
  • Launched the Wind River Native Advocacy Center
    • Leadership development training
    • Get-out-the vote for election day
    • Native Advocacy Days in Cheyenne
    • Strategic Planning
    • Co-sponsored Native American Health Equity Conference

Click here to view September 5, 2019 Annual Meeting Minutes


Wyoming Interfaith Network
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