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Census data impacts decisions at the national, state, tribal, and local levels—from congressional representation to the annual allocation of more than $675 billion. Census data informs funding for programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program; Section 8 Housing; Pell Grants; the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children; Temporary Assistance for Needy Families; the Children’s Health Insurance Program; and more. These funds and programs are essential to the well-being of our families, our faith community, and our neighbors.

Beginning in mid-March, you can respond to the 2020 Census online, by phone, or by mail. Responding is quick and easy, and you can complete the census on your mobile device. All responses are confidential, and by law they cannot be used against you in any way. Respond to the 2020 Census today. Visit 2020CENSUS.GOV to learn more.

2020 Census: Faith Leaders Spread the Word

Your faith, your community, and the census.

What is the 2020 Census?


The census is a count of every person who lives in the United States and its territories. It happens every 10 years. It includes a few simple questions about things like age, sex, and the number of people who live in your home. The 2020 Census will collect the same data as the 2010 Census.


Why am I hearing about the 2020 Census from my place of worship?


The U.S. Census Bureau is partnering with faith-based institutions to promote the 2020 Census. These institutions volunteered to help because they understand how important a complete count is for their congregants and community. They are trusted voices in their communities and are critical to conveying the importance of the 2020 Census. In addition, faith communities often serve the same people that use many of the federal programs that receive funding based on census data. These programs include those that address poverty, hunger, homelessness, child care, emergency services, and public safety.

Will the 2020 Census ask me to identify my religion?


No. The U.S. Census Bureau asks about race and ethnicity in the decennial census, but it does not collect information about religious affiliation.


Why not?

U.S. law prohibits the Census Bureau from requiring anyone to disclose their religious affiliation.


Why should I respond to the 2020 Census?

Being counted matters for you and your community regardless of your religious affiliation. The 2020 Census will determine how many representatives your state will have in Congress. Census results will also help determine how billions of dollars in federal funding are allocated to states and communities each year for housing, schools, food assistance, health care, and other vital services.


Is the 2020 Census confidential?


Yes. The U.S. Census Bureau is required to protect your privacy and keep your answers confidential. By law, your personal information cannot be used against you or anyone else by any government agency or court, and it can’t be accessed by the police department, DHS, ICE, FBI, or CIA.

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