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WyoSayNo is a grassroots coalition of individuals and organizations dedicated to stopping the proposed Uinta County Immigration Prison. We are here to keep our families together, protect our rural communities, and to say Wyoming won’t detain for private gain!


Somos una coalición de individuos y organizaciones dedicadas a detener la propuesta de la prisión de inmigración del condado de Uinta.  ¡Estamos unidos para mantener a nuestras familias juntas, proteger nuestras comunidades rurales y hacer saber que Wyoming no se detendrá para el beneficio privado!

Do you oppose:

For-profit prisons?
Forced labor?
Inhumane conditions?
Ineffective policy?

Then take action today with #WyoSayNo!

The Wyoming Interfaith Network, shares the vision of the Interfaith Alliance by bringing together the diverse voices of our own community to challenge religious and political extremism. We also work to protect religious freedom in ways that are most relevant to our community.
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Wyoming Interfaith Network. PO Box 1473, Laramie, WY 82073

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