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The Voices of Faith in Leadership program in Wyoming brings together small groups of diverse spiritual voices over the course of 9 months (March - November) with the goal of educating and training them to collaborate boldly with each other and with their faith communities in envisioning and implementing a more just, welcoming, and inclusive Wyoming.

Through an inspiring educational experience that respects the tenets of different faith traditions and draws connections between holy texts and contemporary issues, participants will see role modeled facilitation of difficult conversations and conflict resolution that empowers them to do likewise in their own communities. In addition to preparatory study, six in-person training weekends including field trips and group discussions will further provide participants the information and confidence to speak and act boldly on a variety of justice issues and protect the dignity of marginalized people.

Built from the dreams of many, the leadership program will help develop spiritual leaders across the state of Wyoming who are equipped to speak up and act to ensure faith communities have a voice and presence not only in our current time but also in Wyoming's future. Upon completion of the program, participants are expected to use what they have learned to implement initiatives and programs specific to the needs of their communities.

This leadership program is developed and overseen by the WIN Leadership Program Advisory Committee and managed by a dedicated program manager. All those involved are committed to promoting a better way of living; instilling a vision of peaceful, loving, and just communities where all can thrive; and fully embracing the other in our beautiful and amazing home state of Wyoming.

Our nation and state need spiritual leaders who can speak and act boldly. People of all faith traditions and denominations including spiritual but not religious are highly encouraged to apply. One does not have to be a member of the clergy to participate, we warmly welcome non-clergy and lay people as vital and key leaders in our communities.

leadership training sessions in 2022
  • April 28-30 - Cheyenne

  • June 2-4 - Cody

  • July 7-9 - Laramie

  • August 4-6 - Sheridan

  • October 13-15 - Lander

  • November 10-12 - Rock Springs

Why not be one of those interfaith leaders who speaks up and acts boldly
for the good of all in Wyoming?