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What if we Unite for Justice?

Greetings WAC Community,

What does the Lord require of you?  To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. – Micah 6:8

So think about it.  What if we all unite for justice?  That’s exactly the plan.

Working together for justice

summarizes our mission statement as the Wyoming Association of Churches moves forward to become the Wyoming Interfaith Network.  We are making a bold step.  It can be huge, if we allow it.  We know the strength of a rope as opposed to single strands of string not woven together.  If each in our own religious perspectives believes that only our brand of religion has the one and only true path, we will fail at doing justice, the justice God intends for us.  Justice inherently requires uniting.  The young people in the United States believe more than any previous generations that all religions have validity.  Working together won’t feel odd to them.

On Thursday, October 19th, 7 pm, we will begin with interfaith worship in Cheyenne.  You are invited.  We will gather at the First United Methodist Church, 108 E 18th St., Cheyenne.  What does an interfaith worship look like?  Come and find out.  Here’s the line-up!

  1. Prelude Kathie Lowry

  2. Introduction and Welcome Rev. Mark Marston, First United Methodist Church of Cheyenne

  3. Hymn: “Many Gifts, One Spirit”

  4. Reading by Rev. Rodger McDaniel, Highlands United Presbyterian Church of Cheyenne

  5. Call to Prayer by Abas Alami, Southeast Wyoming Islamic Center of Cheyenne

  6. Reading Carl Carmichael, Chair, Wyoming Association of Churches Board

  7. Reading by Rev. Hannah Villnave, Unitarian Universalist Church of Cheyenne

  8. Song: “Get Together” Kurt Borgaard and Gathering

  9. Reading Dee Lundberg, United Church of Christ of Casper

  10. Reading Sergio Maldonado, Wind River Reservation

  11. Prayer by Maia Rose, Quakers (The Friends)

  12. Unite in a Circle

  13. Closing:  136th  Psalm by Rabbi Larry Moldo

  14. Postlude Kathie Lowry

On Friday and Saturday, October 20-21, the events continue at the same location.  You are invited to come for part or for all.  Friday morning will be a Jewish worship service, followed by a panel discussion about why we are becoming interfaith and a business meeting making becoming interfaith official (WAC becomes WIN).  Friday afternoon through the evening the program encompasses Finding Common Ground and includes dinner at 5:30 pm.  Saturday morning we switch venues to Faith United Methodist Church and will begin with a Muslim worship service.  Peter Sawtell will lead a discussion on Mediating Common Ground.  The only charge is for the program beginning on Friday afternoon that includes dinner.  All else is free.  Go to our website to learn more:

I hope to see you in Cheyenne October 19th – 21st.

Fear not. Be bold. Do justice.


Chesie Lee

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