On Sacred Ground:  We of the Sacred Ground Team do what we can, right where we live, to conserve the land and honor the web of life. We persistently network throughout Wyoming with others who care about the environment; provide resources from our interfaith partners on earth keeping; and host various educational, networking, and outreach events about honoring and conserving the earth.

For Peace and Justice:  We are one family, whatever our nationality, ethnicity, faith community, economic and ideological differences. We are our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers, wherever or whoever they may be. We envision a society that promotes human dignity and the capacity of all individuals to learn and grow, a society which is supportive of all peoples. In a society that is troubled by deepening divisions amongst us, politically, economically, socially and morally, as a moral duty we advocate for and stand in solidarity with the most oppressed of those among us. We speak for those who have no voice. We advocate for and with the poor, with prisoners, with people of diverse backgrounds, people of all types and persuasions, with the underserved and disenfranchised, and with all those who are left vulnerable by society. Therefore, we support systems, causes, actions and laws that lead to the fulfillment and accomplishment of these objectives.

For Spiritual Life:  The Spiritual Life Team is committed to exploring the spiritual nature of justice. We approach the Holy and one another in humility, seeking to appreciate and better understand the other’s faith tradition; thus, we bring our rich spiritual heritage into a wider conversation and learn from other spiritual traditions, and, when together, we worship the Holy and the sacredness of life in mutual respect which encourages human concern for others.

For more information, or if you are interested in joining a team, please email Rabbi Larry Moldo, Board Chair, at larry.moldo@wyointerfaith.org.