Wyoming Campaign to end the death penalty 2021


WY Death Penalty Repeal Faith Leader Sign-On Letter

We the undersigned Wyoming faith leaders, representing the rich diversity of faith traditions and spiritual practices in Wyoming, stand together in our opposition to our state’s death penalty. We urge Governor Gordon and our elected officials to end the death penalty in Wyoming. 

We join the many Wyomingites in questioning the use of the death penalty in our state, which is unjust, ineffective, and inaccurate. The death penalty not only has an overwhelming impact on communities of color and the poor but also puts innocent lives at risk. Due to serious legal errors in the administration of the death penalty, over 166 innocent people have been exonerated and released from death row. When a human life is at stake, there is simply no room for error. 

As faith leaders, we are aware and disturbed by the violence in our communities. We believe that instead of allotting our scarce resources to fund a flawed capital punishment system, the State of Wyoming should invest in victim support services, effective law enforcement, drug treatment programs, child and family services, and mental healthcare – all methods that can prevent future acts of violence. 

Across our various traditions, there are many differences. However, all of our traditions teach us to honor the sacredness of human life and the human capacity for change. It is this respect for all life that joins us together in advocating for the abolition of Wyoming’s death penalty.

We urge you, our lawmakers and neighbors, to seek alternative forms of healing and justice for all those that suffer in the wake of violent crimes. We believe that our justice system should be both humane and restorative, and the death penalty simply does not meet these standards. Please support the repeal of Wyoming’s death penalty, it is time for us to move on from this broken and harmful system. 

The Wyoming Interfaith Network, shares the vision of the Interfaith Alliance by bringing together the diverse voices of our own community to challenge religious and political extremism. We also work to protect religious freedom in ways that are most relevant to our community.
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