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Gov. Mead to Speak at Rally; Are You Coming?

Greetings WAC Community,

This is what the Lord said, “Maintain justice. Do what is right for my salvation is close at hand and my righteousness will soon be revealed.”  – Isaiah 56:1

Last evening I was the keynote speaker before 160 students at the University of Wyoming’s United Multicultural Council’s Diversity Ball, the culminating week-long event of Dialogues on Diversity.  What a privilege for me to be invited to speak on my favorite subject:  doing justice!  This was the first time in a while I was asked to speak for more than 10 or 15 minutes, but for 40 minutes.  Just to know that there are young people who will come out on a Saturday night for what was a fun event, but included a lecture about doing justice, increases my hope.  If only a few take my words to heart and seek a vocation that involves addressing root causes of suffering in the world, like racism, I am delighted.  One young woman expressed her appreciation afterwards that I speak in a language that is easy to understand and that I make justice sound do-able.  Doing justice, doing what is right, is within our ability and capacity.  We do justice not only for the sake of those suffering from wrong-doing, but for our salvation that God promises.

This leads into the rally on Monday that the Wyoming Association of Churches is sponsoring in Cheyenne to demonstrate our support for Medicaid expansion as right for Wyoming.  Wyoming’s Governor is coming to speak.  Are you coming?  Demonstrating support for Medicaid expansion is doing justice for the 20,000 people in Wyoming who are left without health care coverage, even when it would not cost the state one dime and, in fact, would bring thousands of dollars into the state budget needed for our schools, cities and towns and hospitals.  The Wyoming Education of Association and the Wyoming Association of Municipalities too have joined the many organizations supporting Medicaid expansion.  The Wind River Native Advocacy Center will be there with 40 for Native Advocacy Days to show that they, too, support Medicaid expansion that would benefit 2,000 or more Native Americans in Wyoming.

About the Rally for Medicaid Expansion:

Theme:  “What’s Wrong with Doing What’s Right?”

Spokesperson for WAC and Moderator:  Rev. Dee Lundberg

Welcome:  Gov. Matt Mead

Time:  Monday, February 8, 2016, 2 pm

Where: Highlands Presbyterian Church, Cheyenne (North of Del Range off Mountain Rd.)

Questions?  Email me at  Cell phone: 307-761-0755

For more information about Medicaid expansion, go to You may also sign onto a petition at that site.  Healthy Wyoming is the coalition that the Wyoming Association of Churches is working with to advocate for Medicaid expansion.

Contact your legislators.  If you are not sure who your state representative and senator are or how to contact them, go to and find out.

Fear not. Be bold. Do justice.



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