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Legislative Update January 27, 2019

With 172 named bills, the Wyoming Senate is done creating new bills. The Wyoming House still has a couple of days to continue to propose them, and they have 283 so far. The list below does not include all of them, although it does include a number of them.

Here is a quick review of the life of a Bill (sort of like the song some of us learned). First, it gets into a form that is recognizable as a Bill and receives a number. Then it is sent to be Introduced into either the House or the Senate and referred to a Committee for discussion. The Committee Chair then eventually schedules the Bill for discussion. The group can decide to Move it to the floor as a Do Pass item, it can table the item or simply let it die in various ways. The Bill is then put into the General File so that the “Committee of the Whole” can decide whether to continue to pass a Bill on for a second reading or not. If it passes its third reading it is sent to the other side. Then the process is repeated on the other side. If the Bill makes it through both chambers, it is sent to the Governor’s office for signing, by way of the Attorney General’s office for legal vetting. A Bill can die at any of these stages.

If it is a Bill we like, it can always be resurrected after a fashion by making slight changes over time in future sessions. If it is a Bill we do not like, the affectionate term is “Zombie Bill” as it refuses to die.

There are only a few Bills that fit within the Resolution framework of WIN. There are many others that might affect people should the Bill become Law. Future updates will track those bills that continue to move forward, with action alerts concerning a few of them. By the way, you can always comment upon a specific Bill by going to the website, clicking on the Bill number and clicking further on the “comments” tab above the Bill.

For a complete listing of all Bills this session as well as the schedule of when they will be discussed, go to In the meantime, here are some variously categorized Bills from this year in which some people may have some interest:

Bill Number Assigned HB0269        Illegitimate persons descent-repeal. HB0273        Minimum wage. HJ0009         Permanent ban on state income tax.

H 2nd Reading: Passed HB0014        Mountain daylight time. HB0099        Wyoming public lands day.

H 3rd Reading: Passed HB0082        Veterans’ skilled nursing facility.

H COW: Passed HB0221        Family medicine residency program.

Introduced and Referred to H01 – Judiciary HB0215        Child endangerment penalties-amendments. HB0235        Care of animals.

Introduced and Referred to H02 – Appropriations HB0067        Sales tax revisions.

Introduced and Referred to H05 – Agriculture HB0188        Cities and towns-zoning protests. SJ0001         State-federal school trust lands exchange.

Introduced and Referred to H07 – Corporations HB0192        Voter fraud prevention.

Introduced and Referred to H09 – Minerals HB0010        Crimes against critical infrastructure.

Introduced and Referred to H10 – Labor HB0170        Child protective service workers-training. HB0194        Air ambulance coverage-Medicaid. HB0211        Mental health and substance use coverage parity. HB0244        Medicaid-work requirements and expansion. HB0249        Psychiatric step down and coordination services-children.

H Placed on General File HB0109        Advanced psychiatric nurse practitioner program-amendment. HB0126        Revenue recalibration task force. HB0140        Abortion-48 hour waiting period. HB0145        Death penalty repeal-2. HB0151        Ban on sanctuary cities and counties. HB0155        Guardianships-reintegration planning authorized. HB0157        Termination of parental rights-standing. HB0160        Female genital mutilation. HB0163        Child labor penalties. HB0181        Senior health care special districts. HB0216        Wyoming children’s trust fund-amendments.

H Received for Introduction HB0103        Reporting of abortions. HB0183        Repeal gun free zones and preemption amendments-2. HB0227        Child sexual abuse protection division. HB0257        Clubhouse-based psychosocial rehabilitation programs. SF0049         County zoning authority-private schools. SF0060         Protection of children-child endangerment amendments.

S 2nd Reading: Passed SF0078         Archaeological human burial sites.

S 3rd Reading: Passed SJ0006         Tardive Dyskinesia Awareness Week.

S COW: Passed SF0067         Hospital cost study. SF0075         Repeal gun free zones and preemption amendments.

Introduced and Referred to S01 – Judiciary SF0100         Firearms preemption-applicability. SF0128         Unborn victims of violence act. SF0139         Safe child act.

Introduced and Referred to S06 – Travel SF0145         State trust land revenues. SF0148         Federal facilities seizure. SJ0010         Multiple use of public lands.

S Introduced and Referred to S08 – Transportation SF0082         Do not resuscitate directives.

Introduced and Referred to S09 – Minerals SF0124         Contracts for self-generated electricity. SF0153         Energy improvement program.

Introduced and Referred to S10 – Labor SF0133         Health care access. SF0144         Medicaid and SNAP eligibility requirements. SF0146         Medicaid expansion study.

S Received for Introduction HB0043        Midwife services-Medicaid. SF0013         Eminent domain-wind energy collector systems. SF0092         Peter Falk Act. [Please contact Rabbi Larry at for replies to this particular email.] [Please go to make either a one-time donation or set up a monthly donation. Monthly donations provide a more even revenue stream and can be used as a reliable projection of income. You can also send a check made out to Wyoming Interfaith Network to PO Box 1473, Laramie, WY 82073].

Peace and Blessings,

Wyoming Interfaith Network Peace and Justice team leader,

Carl Carmichael 894 Olympus Drive, Sheridan, WY 82801

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