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Letters to the Editor – Sheridan Press

The Sheridan Press

Letters to the Editor

November 2015

Help me understand the current rationale about refugees.  The state of Wyoming is the only state in the union not to have a refugee resettlement plan, and to the Governor’s knowledge, not a single refugee has relocated to Wyoming, and yet the Governor feels compelled to join the political show that demands greater restrictions for refugees.  I don’t get it!

O wait, I do get it.  All those Syrians clamoring to overload the boats in the Mediterranean Sea must be dreaming about coming to friendly Wyoming.  O wait, I get it.  The mass shootings in our country have been home grown young men who must have missed the fine print on the guaranteed expectation not to harm their fellow students.  O wait, I get it.   Since almost every Wyoming household has a lethal weapon, the citizens must feel that someone hoping for a new safe start is going to somehow over power them.  O wait, I get it.  All those Christian people who are too lazy to crack the holy book must have missed that part about welcoming strangers.

Actually, I don’t get it.  I would prefer that we be governed by the dignity of courageous compassion.  You would think the blessed people of Wyoming could set aside our fears and welcome at least one refugee family.

The Rev. Doug Goodwin

First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)


307 674 6795


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