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Spiritual LIFE

The family of faith, represented in the Wyoming Interfaith Network, contains a broad diversity of denominations and a variety of beliefs, yet within our diversity, we persistently seek unity.

If you have questions or are interested in participating on the Spiritual Life Team, please send us an email and you will be connected with Katrina Bradley.

  • To support the religious literacy of all Wyomingites by building mutually inspiring relationships, offering educational opportunities, and supporting efforts that seek to educate about the history, practices, beliefs, texts, and contemporary manifestations of the world’s religious traditions.

  • To enhance the spiritual health of the individuals, communities, and institutions of Wyoming by supporting efforts that put spiritual principles into action in support of the common good, and provide opportunities to be of service to those around us. 

  • To build bridges within the community through an organic process of connecting hearts, and strengthening the quality of relationships in mutual respect and affirmation, understanding that we can better accomplish both spiritual and material progress by working in harmony together.   

  • To contribute to the spiritual education of the community at all stages of life, to maintain a humble attitude of learning, and to encourage capacity building within the community by focusing on common spiritual principles, core values, and deeper understanding of each other’s belief systems. 

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