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Welcome to
wyoming's interfaith justice movement 

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Upcoming Threaded Wisdom Themes

JULY 2023 - Jubilance

AUGUST 2023 - Help & Helpfulness

What is Threaded Wisdom?

Threaded Wisdom is an opportunity to foster our interfaith relationships through a sharing of thoughts from diverse faith traditions—a threading together of wisdom that allows for a greater depth of appreciation and understanding of others’ faith traditions.

How often is Threaded Wisdom shared?

Each month, we send an email to the WIN community sharing the contributions we received for the monthly theme.

Who contributes to Threaded Wisdom?

We welcome all community members to share words and practices that are related to the particular theme.

What do submissions include?

Submissions can be a prayer, an excerpt from a sacred text, a meditation, a poem, an inspirational quote from another source, a short piece you wrote, or an embodied practice. Submissions don't necessarily have to be from a particular religious figure or tradition. We welcome contributions from texts or individuals outside of a spiritual context who have offered inspiration and insight, which could be a philosopher or even a neuroscientist.

How does one contribute to Threaded Wisdom?

You can contribute to Threaded Wisdom by clicking on the link below and submitting your contribution no later than the 15th of the  month for that month's theme and email. The link is also found in the Threaded Wisdom email. 

How does one receive Threaded Wisdom emails?

Threaded Wisdom monthly emails are distributed to our entire community. Sign up below to join our mailing list and receive this and all Wyoming Interfaith Network news and announcements. 

THANK YOU for joining us as we honor each other and ourselves
through this threading together of wisdom

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