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Presence, Receptive, Connecting

Greetings WAC Community,

The reason why we do not feel complete ease in our hearts and souls: we look here for satisfaction in things which are so trivial, where there is no rest to be found, and so not know our God who is almighty, all wise and all good; he is rest itself.  Julian of Norwich, Revelations of Divine Love

This past week I was at Ring Lake Ranch, a spiritual retreat center near Dubois, Wyoming where we enjoyed hiking, horseback riding, eating great meals, visiting and sometimes just being.  I’ve been to Ring Lake Ranch several times, but this was the first time I experienced what they call “Horse Meditation.”  This is just going among the horses for 45 minutes or so and simply standing quietly with the horses.  The guide, Dewitt, explained to the three of us who decided to take advantage of this opportunity, to simply go into the corral and first choose a place to stand quietly, being present for the first 15 minutes, not moving.  Then when a horse comes to us, to just receive or accept its attention, nuzzling us individually, not saying anything but just “listening.”  Then we were to connect with the horses by touching them and with only non-verbal communication.  While standing there, at first it appeared that the horses did nothing, but it became obvious that the dozen or so horses and a couple of mules were communicating among themselves.  They moved toward and away from us.  With me, it was almost as if after a while, they got in line, each to come to me and move on.

I have cats, and I see similar behavior among them.  They prefer to come to you, not to have you come to them if you are present waiting, then receive them and then connect.  The communication with cats can be verbal and nonverbal.  The lesson is in listening and willing to accept, not controlling.  When I arrived home from Ring Lake Ranch, my three cats, Leo, Bernie and Allie, came to the door to welcome me home, each waiting for me to touch them.

I suspect that we would benefit if only our communication with one another was the same – first being present, then being receptive and only then connecting, non-verbally and verbally.

A big shout of thanks goes to the First Christian Church Mission Committee in Casper for stepping up to sponsor snacks for Horse Culture classes on the Wind River Reservation during the week of August 6th!

If you have not yet let us know that you are coming to the Wind River Gathering on Economic Opportunities on July 18th, 10 am-4 pm at the Wind River Casino, registration is easy.  Just email and let us know that you can come so that we have enough for lunch.  Also, join us for the 3rd Annual Peace March starting at 6 pm at the Center of Hope in Riverton to the Riverton City Park.  Spaghetti dinner follows and music and speeches.

Fear not. Be bold. Do justice.


Chesie Lee

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