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We have an opportunity in front of us to exhibit a bit of God’s compassion.

July 21, 2019

We have an opportunity in front of us to exhibit a bit of God’s compassion. I firmly believe while we can strive to be more compassionate, we can never hope to be as compassionate as God is. God allows everyone, and everything, to continue to wake up each morning. If you are like me, there are at least a few people whom you hope will miss their morning alarm, yet God enables even those people to wake up.

So, whether you consider the Blackjewel mining business to be a good thing or a bad thing, the overnight closure of the company has left a number of people trying to figure out how their families are going to eat. Here is a link to helping feed them:

While medical practitioners work to figure out what exactly is going on inside me, the schedule of further diagnostic tests and potential procedures will mean that this newsletter will continue for the next bit to be on an every other weekend schedule at best.

The wheels of internet progress do spin, albeit often slowly. By the next newsletter, I hope to be able to place the website button back on this page, as many of the items will have been tweaked by then to make it look completely up to date. By the next newsletter, we should also be able to announce when and where the next annual WIN meeting will be.

From Rabbinic Tradition: [Based on the Ethics of the Sages] I grew up in a scholarly household, and I quickly realized that the best quality of a scholar is remaining silent.

Rabbi Larry Moldo

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