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Our mission

As people of faith, we empower Wyoming's faith communities to promote social and environmental justice through

  • prayer,

  • discernment,

  • respectful dialogue,

  • leadership,

  • advocacy,

  • service,

  • and study. 


Welcome to the conversation about, to and for the Holy.  We are people of religious conviction committed to living faithfully and justly in the world:  Faithful to the wisdom of our various faith community traditions, justly in the messiness of daily living.  In a time when our culture seeks to hunker down on opposite sides, we invite people into meaningful conversations in the bonds of peace.

As the Wyoming Interfaith Network (formerly the Wyoming Association of Churches), our interfaith relationships help us live out our deep love for the Holy.

Our interfaith relationships are grounded in a strong desire to do what is right and good and just.

Our interfaith relationships create a partnership where we learn more about each other’s faith community traditions but also share in a dialogue that facilitates personal spiritual growth.

Our interfaith relationships allow for a venue of meaningful conversation about faith and life and how to live together as people of the Holy in peace.

We invite you to join the interfaith conversation.  There are three teams:  Spiritual Life, Peace & Justice, and On Sacred Ground.  Check out their good work and join a team.

We encourage you to become a member of the Wyoming Interfaith Network.  We also invite you to encourage your worshipping community to become a member of the Wyoming Interfaith Network.  We look forward to sharing friendship with you and your spiritual community.


  • Challenge Wyoming's faith communities to champion justice

  • Put faith into action

  • Provide a voice for the voiceless with Wyoming's decision-makers

  • Build understanding and allies with Wyoming's Native Americans

  • Put equality back into the Equality State for all

  • Welcome the stranger, for we were once strangers

  • Promote respectful dialogue and understanding with those whom we disagree

  • Gather people of faith together for the common good

  • Advocate good stewardship of God's creation

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