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We live in divisive times, and we rarely take the opportunity to fully hear the voices of people who believe and vote differently than us. 

But this election season, we can do things differently. 

Join the Wyoming Interfaith Network for the next several weeks as we share stories, helpful resources, and opportunities to hear each other this election season.  

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Resources for Dialogue

Join our friends at Braver Angels to learn and share respectful dialogue skills and build bridges this election season. 


Braver Angels is launching an initiative called “With Malice Toward None,” which is designed to bring Americans together through the election with a commitment to mutual respect and cooperation. Emotions will be running high. The temptations will be to gloat or to grieve and denigrate. However, we can rise above those temptations and deal with our emotions in supportive communities. We can find common ground with each other where possible.


Braver Angels will provide religious communities, colleges, and civic groups with free meeting templates, facilitator training, and other resources for online or in-person gatherings before and after the election. To register for more information on With Malice Toward None, visit

The  Braver Angels has some new online learning courses to take at your own pace such as “Families and Politics” and “Depolarizing Within”, and there are many opportunities to attend debates and skills workshops. 

Looking to start a conversation in your community? 

We're adding resources every week so that you can have constructive and meaningful conversations with these difficult issues. 

Handling Conflicting Opinions with Spiritual Insight (PDF)

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Stories of Faith, Values, & Voting

We live in divisive times, and we rarely take the opportunity to fully hear the voices of people who believe and vote differently than us. Disunity stops us from reaching our individual and collective potential.


Therefore, the Wyoming Interfaith Network wants offer the opportunity for people of varying backgrounds and political stances to share their story, to be heard, and to hear the story of others. Check out these stories below and then submit your own! 

Kris, Unitarian Universalist, Ranchester 
Cathi, Sheridan 
Speaking as a Christian, I admit that th
Katrina, Baha'i, Laramie 
Pamela, Episcopalian, Dubois 
Election Day


Are you registered? Do you know where to vote?
Our friends at Better Wyoming have put together some great resources that will help you find out if you are registered, how to vote early, and how to get your friends involved!

How do you find information about the candidates? 

This one is a bit harder. Usually the best information is found in your local newspaper. Another great resource is the Wyoming League of Women Voters. Check out the link below to see if there is a chapter in your area.